Culture and Heritage of Native Americans

Meaning of our Arts and Curiosities

We can start by talking a little more about the meaning of our art to be able to understand and learn more of this culture. Let's start by Corn Maiden or blue Corn Maiden as it is also known, according to legend, was created by the hand of the Great Spirits to help humans on earth, giving them peace and happiness as well as given the opportunity to grow your faith in the Great Spirits relying on their ability to plant and care for their crops, a beautiful legend.

Another striking representative of our culture and art is the Frog Fetish, this is achieved with the rock carving technique preserving the essence of the animal in the rock, this represents fertility within the Zuni culture and is also related to water such as in times of drought you pray for rain. We can also mention the White Marble Sheep that represents patience, charity and wealth and the Zuni used it for trading between tribes. The Horned Toad Fetish an animal that represents longevity and self confidence in your spirit and your strength.

On the other side and a little more ceremonial, we have the Navajo doll, made entirely by hand with natural materials and bright colors as well as stones, feathers are also used among other materials for decoration. Each Navajo doll are created to represent a spirit and what it will be used for, these are representative of the good and evil spirits who often are asked to answer the prayers offered.

Definitely this culture have a very ancient and spiritual art. Through the artistic expressions we learn a little more, with great respect for what it means for them.

By Shakir Zhulo